Artesania Worldwide teams up with Puerto Rico Hardwoods

On July 5th, Artesania Worldwide received the first pallet of hybrid genuine mahogany imported onto the U.S. mainland.  This represents the first phase of a collaborative relationship with Puerto Rico Hardwoods, an innovative and award-winning enterprise salvaging valuable tropical timber from senseless destruction on the island of Puerto Rico.  See mahogany being salvage logged.


This wood is the product of reforestation efforts in Puerto Rico decades ago, and represents the hybrid between Caribbean Mahogany, native to South Florida and the West Indies, and Honduran Mahogany, native to Central and South America. It has been given the scientific name Swietenia x aubrevilleana.  The wood has the color and workability of Honduran Mahogany, with a weight closer to that of Caribbean Mahogany.


In this first phase, we have available 128 slabs representing nearly 700 board feet of Puerto Rican Hybrid Mahogany in Delray Beach, Florida.  Board dimensions are all 4 feet in length, with widths of 3″ to 18.25″ and thicknesses of 0.75″ to 3.25″.  Prices are $16/board foot for small lots, and are discounted as quantity increases.  Shipping is additional.

wood palette

Please join us in helping Puerto Rico Hardwoods to get this valuable wood to people who will treasure it, and keep it out of the trash heap.  Contact George Gann.